Searching for Schwartz

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bechtel International Center, Stanford University

Kletzmer music originates in Central and Eastern Europe and has become a symbol of Jewish culture. Kletzmer used to be a functional music, always played at weddings and other Jewish ceremonies. Today, this music links European and Jewish culture and stands for the post-Holocaust revival of the latter. Kleztmer music is like a bridge connecting the sufferings of the past with the hope for concilliation and understanding in the future. American ethnologist Yale Storm is world famous for his research of Kletzmer music. He gives an account on the revival of Kletzmer from a double perspective: as a historian and as a musician. No other country had a stronger impact on Kletzmer music than Romania. “Doina – Jewish Blues” celebrates the connection between Jewish and Romanian music.
Director and Script: Radu Gabrea, Romania, 2006, 58 Min.

The Voice of Klezmer: Rumenye, Rumenye: Searching for Schwartz | Listen | Video

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