SAN DIEGO: Alexander Balanescu + Ada Milea

Alex Ada
ArtPower! Presents:
Alexander Balanescu + Ada Milea: The Island

Thursday, April 11, 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.


In a quest to reconnect with his Eastern European roots, virtuoso violinist Alexander Balanescu, leader of the internationally renowned Balanescu Quartet, turns to Romania as inspiration for The Island. Working with Ada Milea, an extraordinary young Romanian vocalist, actress, and songwriter, he has composed a remarkable song cycle. Sung in English, The Island is inspired by the classic Robinson Crusoe story but with an improbable twist, as retold by pre-war Romanian surrealist poet Gellu Naum. Wildly exuberant and oftentimes amusing, Ada Milea gives a startling stage performance, capitalizing on her unique story-telling abilities alongside Alex Balanescu’s gift for melody. Together they create a moving and highly existential parable that engages the audience in a surrealist musical-theatre journey.

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