Romanian Film Festival: Half Shaved

Half Shaved


Saturday, April 26, 2014
1:00pm – 2:00pm Romanian Shorts

Bechtel International Center
584 Capistrano Way, Stanford University

Directions | Parking

Tuns ras si frezat (2012)

At the beginning of 1991, after the Romanian Revolution, an old barber meets by chance his former torturer who came in for a shave. Quickly, the parts are inverted though the client refuses to acknowledge that he has been recognized. He says that it is a mistake but to no avail because the barber is convinced he is right. And while latter holds the razor against the client’s neck, he gets scarier and scarier wishing for revenge and payback time. Will the victim spare his former torturer?
Director: Bogdan Muresanu
Writer: Bogdan Muresanu
Stars: Michel Horatiu Bob, Alexandru Georgescu, Victor Rebengiuc

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