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Are you a native speaker of Romanian? Are you more than usually attractive, with a strong voice and excellent pronunciation? Can you say hundreds of terms with a warm and convincing smile?

We are looking for actors to star in our foreign-language educational videos. Your job is to look happy and friendly on camera while pronouncing hundreds of words and phrases for an online vocabulary program. You must currently be located in the San Francisco Bay Area, as the production studio is in the north bay.

Filming will be 3-4 hours and take place in December 2014 and January 2015.

You must be a native speaker of Romanian, who spoke the language as a child, grew up in Romania, Moldova, or another Romanian-speaking region, and was educated in the language. Sorry, we cannot allow regional accents or dialects.
+18-35 years of age (product target is young people)
+Attractive, professional appearance
+Engaging, welcoming presence on camera
+Speak Romanian as spoken by TV news anchors
+Strong, clear voice with excellent pronunciation and diction
+Friendly, yet authoritative tone
+Experience as an actor, singer, or voiceover talent preferred
+Foreign-language learning experience or grammar knowledge preferred

Compensation: $20/hr. and up, DOE

To Apply:
+Send an email with the abbreviation ‘rom’ in the Subject line as appropriate.
+Describe your native speaker status:
· primary language spoken in your home as a child
· other languages spoken in your home as a child
· how many years you lived in the respective country
· how old you were during the time you lived there
· how many years of education you had in the respective language
· anything else you feel is relevant 
+Attach your resume or CV.
+Attach a recent photo of your face
+Include links to any previous video or voice work.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Please email

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