Chuck Norris Vs. Communism | Why Me? (De Ce Eu?)

chuck_norris_vs_communismChuck Norris Vs. Communism
Hammer Theatre Center | Fri, Mar 4 5:00 PM
California Theatre | Sat, Mar 5 11:15 AM
Hammer Theatre Center | Tue, Mar 8 9:30 PM

“Rocky and Rambo become the unlikely tribunes of a revolution.”
Director Ilinca Calugareanu’s stylish and delightfully humorous story demonstrates the truly transformative nature of film as she takes us to the darkest days of 1980’s Communist Romania. What better way to escape a dreary existence than through larger-than-life characters on the big screen? Irina Nistor relished the opportunity to bring joy to the hidden community of film lovers by dubbing banned Western VHS tapes into Romanian. Action heroes such as Chuck Norris became idolized and Nistor herself, a fantasy celebrity. This breezy, but moving, look at a bygone era emphasizes the power of freedom and the movies that helped overthrow a totalitarian state. – Sandy Wolf

why_meWhy Me? (De Ce Eu?)
Camera 12 – Screen 10 | Fri, Mar 4 1:45 PM
Camera 12 – Screen 10 | Fri, Mar 11 9:30 PM
Camera 12 – Screen 8 | Sat, Mar 12 11:00 AM

Secrets are like quicksand. They look harmless, yet one false step could be your last.
Romania in the year 2000. A young prosecutor. A case of corruption. The guilty party handed to him on a platter. A shoo-in. But the closer he looks, the less certain things appear. Just who is and is not guilty? And of what? And who is pulling whose strings? Based on a true story, director Tudor Giurgiu (Love Sick, Cinequest 2007; Another Christmas, Cinequest 2013) has fashioned a taut political thriller reminiscent of such classics as Italy’s Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion. This is committed filmmaking, wearing its heart proudly on its sleeve. Always remember: sometimes when you feel paranoid, it’s because they really are out to get you. – Charlie Cockey

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