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3 Responses to About

  1. Hope says:

    Hello Bay Area Romania,

    I work for a publishing company in Petaluma and we are creating an educational language website. This website contains videos of words and terms spoken by native speakers of various languages. At this time, we are looking for a native Romanian speaker. If anyone in your organization between the ages of 18 and late-30s might be interested in paid, on-camera work for approximately 4 hours, please have them contact me.

    Many thanks,

    • If you can send a link to your website will definitely post it on BayAreaRomania. Thank you for contacting us!

    • Nils says:

      Hi Hope, dear BayAreaRomania-Team!
      I am interested in learning Romanian and would therefore very much like to receive the link to your website, or to learn which other opportunities may be available to learn Romanian in the South Bay.
      Thank you very much for your response,
      and best regards,

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